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About us

Afri-CAN Sun Limited specialized in tailored service-oriented solutions for small & medium enterprises, banking sector and individual users. Our products are mostly centered on cloud-based, mobile-oriented enterprise resource planning (ERP) as well as financial and business process automation (BPA) solutions.

We offer solutions targeting MSMEs, cyber security, data centers, networking and disaster recovery, business continuity and operational resilience space.

Afri-CAN Sun Ltd was established in Nairobi Kenya for several reasons:

First, Nairobi has a strong startup culture;

Second, Kenya has many locally developed app solutions that proved extremely popular so application development culture is both strong and unique;

Third, due to Kenya’ uniquely developed entrepreneurial culture that requires strong IT business this is a perfect place and time to startup the company that would provide solid solutions for micro, small to medium enterprise market place.


Meet our team

  • I love a good challenge, I love putting together bright and creative teams and, most of all, I love the feeling of constant change!


    Co-Founder & Interim CEO
  • VP of Miscellaneous Stuff – does a little of everything


    Co - Founder & Chairman of the Board
  • I only apply one formula: Making Things Work, Solving Complex Problems in a Complex World


    Co - Founder & Chief Architect
  • Executive member of the Board of Directors focuses on managing technical aspects of operations.


    Co - Founder

Service we offer


  • Solutions Design

    We materialise your needs

  • Systems Integration

    We create peace between systems

  • Systems Optimization

    We make your investment worth it


No current recruitments for now.


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Microfinance Solution for Afri Kash gets connected to MPESA

Working around the clock with our partner, Afri Kash Limited, we have successfully connected the short-term mobile phone-based solution we developed for them to the most famous Kenyan eMoney provider MPESA. Initial ALPHA testing of the solution yielded excellent results.

Attachment: Screenshot_20160421_143832.png

Contact with us

Postal address:

P.O. Box 1896-00606, Nairobi

Physical address:

West End Towers, 6th Floor
Wayaki Way - Westlands

Nairobi - Kenya


(+254) 20 421 4209



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